Making Meaningful Work Possible


Since our inception in 2009, The Zanokhanyo Network has empowered thousands of under- and unemployed individuals through our employment hubs in Epping and Wynberg. After participating in the Job Readiness course and with assistance from our Opportunities Hub, the majority of graduates have gone on to secure employment and are carving out an exciting, new hope-filled path for themselves.

Our holistic approach to job readiness includes skills training, personal development and, most importantly, access to employment opportunities. Our hubs foster a sense of community in which self-esteem and dignity is restored, and life purpose can be re-envisioned. In doing so, we support individuals throughout their entire journey, from being unemployed to finding meaningful work.

“Before The Zanokhanyo Network, I did not know how to properly look for a job, write a CV and go for an interview. Because of the Job Readiness programme, now I am able to do things that I never thought that I would be able to do on my own. The Zanokhanyo Network has helped me to increase my skills knowledge and live a better life in the future.”Thembakazi Hoza


Job Readiness Journey

The Job Readiness programme prepares participants for the job market by providing practical training in a supportive environment that encourages social and spiritual development. This transformational course is run as a 7 day or 3 week offering, and covers topics such as:

  • Work ethics and principles
  • Recognising your skills
  • CV writing and interview skills
  • Business communication and customer service
  • Setting goals and time management
  • Basic budgeting and financial fitness
  • Computer literacy
  • Problem solving and conflict management
  • Employment rights in South Africa
  • Personal development and healing
  • Exploring the Gospel

Opportunities Hub

Our Opportunities Hub acts as an employment resource centre, assisting graduates to seek and apply for jobs.

We connect graduates to employment by providing:

  • Access to computers for online job searches and applications
  • Career guidance and mentorship
  • Counselling and support groups
  • Placement services established through our commercial partnerships

Supplementary Courses & Workshops

In addition to our primary Job Readiness programme, we also offer the following supplementary courses and workshops:

Business Communication & Customer Service
This one day workshop is offered to current Job Readiness students. It focusses on professional communication, social and business skills, and customer service. It provides our students with ways to work smarter, improve productivity and enhance their communication.
Computer Literacy
Those who wish to build upon the basic computer skills learned in Job Readiness Programme can take this more in-depth computer literacy course.
Basic English classes are open to all students who wish to improve their language proficiency. As students improve, they are able to advance to higher levels.
Leadership& Discipleship
These small groups are designed to foster a culture of personal responsibility, to help graduates put together a personal development plan, and to equip new leaders.
Waiter & Barista Skills
This course is open to any Job Readiness graduate who wishes to pursue a career within the hospitality sector. The modules have a strong focus on customer service.
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