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I3 Profiling

As part of our Job Readiness training all graduates complete an i3 profile assessment and receive personal feedback on their unique set of indicators. This profiling tool is a valuable gauge of individuals’ instinctive characteristics and makeup. The order and dominance, particularly of the top three indicators, is unique to every person and as such gives insight into the individual’s natural tendencies and flair as well as the work environment that he/she is best suited to.

Understanding these can dramatically enhance the way employers identify, integrate, manage and develop talent. At TZN we use these to better place the right candidates at the right businesses, but we would encourage you as a potential employer to familiarise yourself with these too as you review the candidates put forward to you and seek to develop the individuals on your team.

Here is a brief summary of the 7 indicators. It is worth noting that there is no right or wrong set of indicators and it is best to consider the top three indicators, as well as the order and proximity of these to each other. It is the relationship of these three that best describes the individual and his/her preferences.

More information can be found on www.i3profiling.com


Great team player who is supportive and conscientious. Focussing on short term goals and applying themselves in a hands-on manner. May take on too much by not saying ‘no’ and can feel unappreciated.


Confident and decisive whilst negotiating and looking for the best value. Shares advice openly whilst being generous with time and resources. May become too busy with a tendency to be stubborn at times.


A deep thinker who pays attention to the facts and can remain objective. Retaining information and passing on instruction naturally. May become intolerant of less objective people and question everything.


A great vocal communicator who easily motivates and encourages others. Quick to initiate activity and take on challenges. This individual may need a sounding board and either not listen or become impatient.


Innovative and intuitive in thought, generating quick ideas and viewpoints. Holding very strong opinions or convictions and not afraid to say it as it is. May be seen as judgemental and blunt at times.


Compassion for others with a focus on building new and maintaining old relationships. Responding quickly to emotive needs. Always putting people first may lead to being personally disorganised and easily offended.


Natural ability to organise people through delegation and coordinate longer term planning. Communicates goals and direction effectively. May become controlling and disregard others’ views at times.