About Us

Who we are

The Zanokhanyo Network (TZN) is an initiative of Common Good, a registered non-profit with a vision of a city where individuals and communities impacted by poverty and injustice are flourishing physically, spiritually, economically and socially.

Our story started in two separate but like-minded projects – Zanokhanyo and NETwork – which joined forces in 2016 to form The Zanokhanyo Network. Together, we are able to strengthen our teams, extend our reach into deeper areas of the city, and ultimately impact more lives for the better.

We exist to transform the workforce by empowering under and unemployed people to realise their God-given potential, as they encounter the Hope, Dignity and Possibility that the Gospel brings. We see ourselves as a place of opportunity and possibility.

As TZN we serve  as a bridge to opportunity through our Job Readiness Journey. We seek to transform and connect people to opportunities

TZN Networks

“Zanokhanyo is the isiXhosa word for ‘bringing light’. Our goal is to shine the light of hope and imminent opportunity into the dark despondency of unemployment; to show our graduates that they can reach for a better future than they previously imagined for themselves.”

Linda Chonco, TZN Leader

What do we do?

Our holistic approach to Job Readiness includes skills training, personal development and most importantly, access to employment opportunities. Our hubs foster a sense of community in which self-esteem and dignity is restored, and life purposes can be envisioned. In doing do, we support individuals throughout their entire journey, from being unemployed to finding meaningful work.

Our Values

Our values inspire and guide us in all that we do.
At The Zanokhanyo Network we:
  • Value each other
  • Celebrate our diversity
  • Seek excellence
  • Live with authenticity and integrity
  • Love generously

How do we seek to transform?

We take students through a 12 day Job Readiness Journey; a journey of discovery to help equip them to enter the job market. Our goal to empower people with the confidence, skills and resources to find and retain employment

How do we connect?

We help connect graduates to opportunities: jobs, internships, resources, information, referrals, to other local services, pastoral and spiritual care through local churches and small groups. We help connect businesses and households to job ready candidates.

We seek to connect those who are excluded from our economy to networks of opportunities.

We seek to connect businesses and households to suitable job ready candidates.